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“It’s not just a zip code, it’s a lifestyle” or so the folks at Bravo tell us. 

And, we have to agree.  

You don’t have to be a Real Housewife to look (or live) like one.

Going to the mall, waiting in line at the counter (behind dozens of teens heading to the prom) and then rushing to your hair appointment across town (praying it doesn’t rain) is *SO* 2002.

Who has the time (or patience?) for that. 

Instead, imagine this:

You’re at home, cozy in your silk pj's, sipping champagne (puppy in lap, favorite music on the radio) while your own personal stylist customizes a look for you. Airbrushed makeup, lashes and hair included. 

Whether you need to nail that presentation at work and must have your A-Game look on or you’re headed out for a hot night on the town with your honey.

Nothing says confidence like a royal treatment.

So, whether you want to contour like a Kardashian.
Rock out some color like Rhianna
Or, look smooth like Gwyneth

My team of stylists will have you red-carpet ready - without ever having to step outside your front door. 

Bespoke Beauty.   Cameras, cat fights and Andy Cohen not included. 


Disclaimer: We cannot be held responsible for how seriously HOT you will look.


Now that's what I call...



Enjoy the luxury of having our Artists travel to you and make you feel Red Carpet Ready!


Weddings, Photoshoots, & Special Events

Boudoir Photoshoots

Sip on champagne and relax, while enjoying a beauty makeover. 

High Definition Make Up, Hairstyling, & Wardrobe Styling.

We offer an array of Photo Shoots from Bridal, Boudoir, Headshots to High Fashion.

Is your makeup outdated?


Do you feel like you need a pick me up?

Join us and Invite your girlfriend's to learn about the latest beauty trends or enjoy a private lesson.

Bring your makeup bag and we will help you create a new look with what you have or help you get rid of that old mascara!

Get overwhelmed when you have to shop for new cosmetics?

Not sure how to match your shade or know what colors work for you?

Have one of our stylists accompany you to the beauty store and hand select products specifically for you.