Hair & Makeup Service Contract

This form stipulates that Beauty Branding Studios will provide on site services for *
This form stipulates that Beauty Branding Studios will provide on site services for
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Alternate Contact *
Alternate Contact
On Location Service Address *
On Location Service Address
Please confirm your photographer/videographer's arrival time so we may coordinate your ready time. Once your timeline is secured, we can not guarantee that we will have availability to accommodate a new time. *
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Ceremony Time *
Ceremony Time
Hair and Make-up trials are done in our studio or on location pending availability. The trial includes, a 2 hour styling consultation, formal hair styling, airbrush makeup, lashes, headpiece and extension placement. Trials are allotted 1 hour per service.  As much as we would love to accommodate trials on the weekends, we are traveling on location for brides and formal events.  
Are you interested bridal boudoir?
If you have not chosen a trial date please choose the date you would like to schedule one, so we may check availability. If you do not wish to have a trial please type NONE.
100% Remi Human Hair Clip in Extensions. Highly recommended for the Bride. Extensions must be ordered prior to trial or wedding date.
Formal Hair Design, Makeup Application with Airbrush or Traditional Foundation, Contouring, Faux Lashes
Ages 10-13 includes Full Formal Hair Styling and light Makeup Application. Foundation, Bronzer, Blush, Mascara and Lip-Gloss. Please note anything more will be considered a FULL makeup application and be charged adult pricing. 
Ages 9 and under includes Formal Hair Styling and a touch of Shimmer and Lip-Gloss. 
Includes product application and professional blowout with round brushes. Pricing will increase depending on length and texture of the hair, this service does not include curling, flat iron or pinning. This service is normally done for those with short hair that cannot be put in formal style. 
Add your extensions to any hairstyle and we will clip them place.
If you are not having makeup services but would still like to have lashes applied we will provide them for you. Please note that if you would like to use your own lashes the service fee remains the same. Lash styles we provide range from Natural to Dramatic. Please advise us of any latex allergy so we may provide latex free glue.
If you desire a member of our styling team to stay on location or travel with you to your venue for touch ups, please add $100 per hour they are at your venue waiting or working. If the stylist has to leave and return, a minimum of $100 in services is required as well as additional on location fee will be applied. In order to give you top notch photography, we use ONLY HD professional makeup. A. Reno On Location Hair & Makeup, nor the artist will be held accountable for poor photographs due to personal products being used for touch ups, as they are not certified for flash photography.
A flat on location fee of $45 will be applied to your bill in order to provide this luxury service. The Travel Fee includes anywhere within 20 miles from our studio at 3107 W De Leon St, Tampa FL. Anything over 20 miles is $1 per mile. A flat fee can be based on a case to case basis. If the wedding location is out of state or 2.5+ Hours away, flights and or lodging accommodations for the styling team should be made in the same hotel as the bridal party for the night prior, at no additional cost to A.Reno On Location Hair & Makeup.
Payments & Deposits *
A NON- REFUNDABLE deposit is required to reserve your date and will be applied to your services on the day of the wedding . The deposit amount is based on the number of services requested. A $100 deposit is required for every artist scheduled. The final invoice will be due two weeks prior to your date. Otherwise, CASH IS THE ONLY FORM of payment that will be accepted on the day of your event and is expected to be ready, in full upon arrival of the staff in an envelope. Gratuities are NOT included but appriciated. A fee of $50 per half hour will be added for any amount of time our staff is waiting to be compensated, as in most cases they do have other events to attend after yours. Upon receipt of fees, they are considered earned, non refundable and indisputable.
Booking Policies *
In order to secure your date THIS RESERVATION FORM MUST BE COMPLETED IN ITS ENTIRETY and RETURNED WITH SIGNATURE and YOUR NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. Our time is important in planning our schedules for each date, as we may turn away other brides inquiring for the same date. Our days are planned out months and sometimes up to 2 years in advance, so our events do not conflict. ALL SERVICES that are pre arranged are booked as part of the commitment. You are held responsible for ALL SERVICES you have requested upon original agreement as well as any additional services you requested that have been updated on your service agreement with proper notation. YOU WILL BE CHARGED IN FULL for any appointments that were unable to be serviced due to the cancellation of the guest or under any circumstance that they can not keep their appointment. Please remember that our time is valuable and we coordinate all of our events around what you have requested. Any changes can only be made WITHIN 24 HOURS of your signed service agreement. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.
Service Policies *
ALL GUESTS BEING SERVICED must arrive properly prepared and on time as according to the itinerary we will provide you. If your styling team arrives and you or your guests are not prepared or ready for us to start at our scheduled time, a fee of $50 per half hour we are waiting will be charged to you. In the event we have to blow dry hair, even damp hair, of any guest, a fee of $25 will be applied for that guest. A.Reno On Location Hair & Makeup will NOT be responsible for lack of time management with yourself or the bridal party/ guests being serviced. YOU WILL be charged IN FULL for any services that were not able to be performed due to poor planning on the guests behalf. Please note that any of these charges can be charged to the card you agree to have on file and receipt of payment will be sent to you. Thank you for remembering that our time is just as valuable as yours. From time to time, guests are not pre booked and may need services performed last minute. If time permits, we will gladly accommodate them after the guests who were pre scheduled are serviced However, we are only committed to being available for the services that were pre booked.They will be responsible for their additional fees in the form of CASH ONLY. All additional services requesting to be added to the original service agreement are only accepted upon availability.
Trial Policies *
The client will schedule a trial run if she chooses to do so. These are highly recommended in order to achieve your ideal look in an appropriate amount of time. The fee for a Hair & Makeup Trial is $150 or $100 for a single service.The bride may have as many trials as she requests, however will be billed in FULL for each trial scheduled. This is a separate fee from your wedding day services. All trial runs will take place in our studio or on location depending on availability. Please schedule your trial accordingly and within reason, as we cannot be responsible for a trial being planned less than 2 weeks before your wedding. Please note that if the bride declines a trial or changes her look from what was achieved at the trial, A.Reno On Location Hair & Makeup can not be responsible for a look that may not be able to be achieved. In addition, if you choose to waive your right to scheduling a preview or trial, please be aware that A.Reno On Location Hair & Makeup only has enough time allotted per guest to achieve an ideal look. If you choose to book your event contingent on your trial, please be aware that we can not promise that your date is still available by the time you receive your trial. Please check the day prior to your appointment to be sure your desired date and time is still available. The fee for your trial run is NON REFUNDABLE for any reason.
Cancellation Policies *
If the wedding day has been postponed or canceled, it is the sole responsibility of the client to notify A.Reno On Location Hair & Makeup. You may contact Angela Reno, the owner directly at (941) 702- 0549. If services are still needed for a new date, it is subject to availability. You will still be responsible for your contract obligation. ALL RESERVATION deposits are NON REFUNDABLE, as we have turned away other events in order to accommodate yours. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS MADE. If a cancellation is made WITHIN 24 hours of original reservation and signing of your contract, no fee will be charged. Deposits are still NON REFUNDABLE.
Loss/Damage/Injury *
Angela Reno On Location Hair and Makeup, LLC nor it's employees or affiliates are NOT responsible for any losses as a result of damage or theft. Security for all events is the sole responsibility of the client. Nor are we responsible for any allergic reactions the client or attendees may have from the product used by our company. It is the sole responsibility of the client to report any known allergies before the contract is signed and the trial has taken place in order for Angela Reno On Location Hair and Makeup to make necessary arrangements for the client. The luxury products we use are non comedogenic and accommodate all skin types. If anyone receiving Hair or Makeup Services has an allergy to any products or ingredients please consult with us prior to service. If anyone desiring lash application has a latex allergy, please be sure to inform us within reason to be sure we have latex free adhesive. The client shall hold harmless Angela Reno On Location Hair and Makeup and designated employees from all claims, damages, accidentals and/or injuries caused by the acts of the clients, clients guests and invitees on location during the time Angela Reno On Location Hair & Makeup is performing, setting up or tearing down service stations. Please plan accordingly to protect personal surfaces in your home or venue, as Angela Reno On Location Hair and Makeup, LLC is NOT responsible for accidentals. Please advise that Angela RenoOn Location Hair and Makeup, does not suggest children are on location during your appointment time. In the case of hair styling we have very hot tools that are all within reach of little hands and feet. We would not want to have anyone get burned during this process that is supposed to be enjoyable for our clients. May this occur, we please ask that you do not leave your children unattended at any time. We will not be responsible for any injuries. If any of our equipment is damaged due to a child, you will be asked to replace the equipment for original list or purchase price.
Legal Intercession & Fees *
Should Angela Reno On Location Hair and Makeup, need to seek legal counsel and/or institute legal action against the client due to non payment or any other reason, it is agreed that the client will pay ALL LEGAL and COURT COSTS incurred by Angela Reno On Location Hair and Makeup. This is in addition to the costs incurred from your original service agreement. If due to a legal decision, the bride is the prevailing party, any monetary or punitive award is hereby limited to any fees charged and received by Angela Reno On Location Hair and Makeup.
Photo Release Agreement *
Photography may be present at all sessions. By checking the box below you agree on behalf of yourself and your entire party to have your trial and/or wedding photos be used for our digital and/or print portfolios. I give permission to A.Reno On Location Hair and Makeup to use my photos taken at my event for use on our website or any other purpose, such as a portfolio. By signing this, you allow A.Reno On Location Hair & Makeup to use your photos for before and after pictures, press work in ads, website and portfolios.