Bridal Beauty 411

So you have found the most amazing fiance, chosen “the date”, and booked a beautiful venue…. now it’s really time to start planning. Next step, find “The Dress”!!!



Your dress will dramatically affect the style you choose for hair and makeup or any accessories.  A glam ballerina bun would look a little off with a boho-inspired dress, or if the back of your dress has detail you would like to show, your hair may call for an updo instead of cascading curls. It is advised to schedule your trial about six months out to secure availability for your dates. (If you want a specific artist you should book them asap!)

Schedule smart.

 Once you have your hair and makeup trial set, schedule trying on your dress after, this is essential! It will give you a more complete visual of what it would all look like all together. It can be hard to appreciate the entire look when you have full glam hair & makeup but you are in yoga pants & a tee shirt. Keep in mind to wear something WHITE that is on the dressier side with a similar neckline to your dress- we have white robes available in case you forget! Bring all of your accessories, veils and other headpieces—your hair will not look the same without them! And don’t forget about jewelry! Bring any earrings and necklaces you plan to wear. Be sure to bring a photo of your dress and any other details to the trial so our artists can create your look based on your style. Hair and makeup trials are about two hours long and will not take the same amount of time as your wedding day since we are planning.


Now you have some homework….

Create your look! Do you love bohemian-textured looks or more chic-structured updos? It may be hard to know the exact look you want for your special day. I suggest creating an inspiration board of bridal hair and makeup on Pinterest.

(You may visit my hair and makeup Pinterest Board Angela Reno On Location Hair & Makeup)

With the inspiration board our stylists will be able to understand your preferences without you needing to know how to describe to us that you want “dramatically natural” (every bride’s favorite). This is one instance when showing is probably easier than telling. Your definition of a “smoky eye” might be much different from the makeup artist’s definition!

We highly suggest taking a look at our before and afters. Most of the looks you will find on Pinterest the model is already made up. It may look natural to you but I promise she is full glam.


 If you like elements of a couple different hairstyles or makeup looks, bring photos of all of them, so your stylist can use them to build one cohesive vision. 

Keep in mind that if you like a particular look during your search, you may not necessary like it on yourself once you try it. Especially since it will be more than your everyday style. During your trial, communicate with your stylist about your comfort level of makeup/hair. It help us set the tone. Is your everyday makeup routine low key lashes and brows? Or do you contour like a Kardashian? If you do not wear makeup on a daily, then we know not to go full glam. Prepare by choosing photos that are in your comfort zone yet be open to ideas. While searching for your perfect look be sure to match your hair and eye color. For example, braids on blondes style differently than on brunettes. If you have light blue eyes and you find a gorgeous makeup inspiration of dark brown eyes it will not translate the same. Make sense? Hair texture, thickness, and theme play a role in the final look. And while some brides have an exact style in mind, once the stylist sees the dress and discusses the theme, we may tweek the style to fit the bride.


Have you thought about hair extensions? If your hair is thin, short or does not hold a curl well, consider investing in clip-in extensions for your big day. One of our stylist will match you with a set of our favorite Remi-human hair clip in extensions. (If you are sure you will need them, it is important to order them before your hair trial) These easily blend into your own hair and help create a fuller look. If there’s a certain hair accessory you plan to incorporate, definitely bring that along-if not we have those too!.