My story

Art has surrounded me my whole life. I definitely can say that I held a paintbrush before a pencil. I was never a true girly girl and into makeup or being sexy for that matter. You could find me with the boys fishing and playing in the dirt, or commanding tree forts. I started my interest in art at a young age with the influence of the women in my family. They introduced me to drawing and painting, and different forms of art like sewing. During my studies I was challenged with a year long painting project in which we had to concentrate on one subject. I chose to center my focus on women's portraits. I admired the different structures of their face and how I could manipulate it with shading (aka contouring). It completley intrigued me. I found that I was able to accentuate their features that complemented them, as well as conceal characteristics that may not. I continued to study art and not just painting. I had found a love for photography and fashion. Not only did designing become a major interest, but cutting up my old clothes and recreating them became my masterpieces. Working with old material and making it feel new was fruitful. 


The realization of my passion was when a girlfriend asked me to touch up her hair and makeup before we went out. She had always admired how I did my own so I gave it a shot. I might be dating myself here but this was before you tube so anything I had learned came from what I learned in my art classes when I was painting women's portraits or magazines. After watching her reaction to her reveal, my soul was so empowered to make more women feel this way. Not only was I still painting, but my art was alive and real. It had powerful emotion. It had confidence. 


My first boudoir photoshoot was probably actually in my bedroom with one of my best friends and a camera. (At this time I did not even know what a boudoir photoshoot was.) I had needed a pick me up so we decided to get dolled up and take pictures of each other. The feeling you get when you do a boudoir photoshoot is indescribable It is so uplifting and can completely change the way you see yourself. It is not about vanity but about celebrating you. Boudoir brings me back to the original reason I started this journey. I love helping women discover their inner bombshell. 

It is truly my passion to be a creative and after a long journey of collaborations, I have found a way to use my artistic abilities to change the world. I am honored to say that I have worked along side some of the industries most talented photographers and makeup artists. All of whom I give credit for inspiring me on my path.


Exploring the world of photography was such a combination of my talents. Photography allowed me to capture a moment in time of something so beautiful and cherish it forever on a print or canvas. It was completely fascinating to me. I mostly photographed scenery and women because I felt an appreciation for their beauty. I began coordinating photoshoots with models (my friends), touching up their makeup and hair and then shooting them. When I look back at it now you think I would have had the Ah-Ha moment of what I was meant to do. All I knew was that I had a passion to be an artist and I never wanted to stop creating.


 I began my career in New York City alongside some the industry’s most influential designers, photographers, and models. As my experience continued to grow, I was hired for different projects. I worked behind the scenes for fashion shows with designers Vera Wang and Catherine Malandrino. Created makeup looks for the cast of Glee when they performed in Radio City Music Hall. Weddings soon became a big part of my business and with that expansion I began to build a team of trained artists to work along side me. Being part of a bride's special day and make her feel beautiful is so rewarding. What's better than a day of beauty and love?